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Disclaimer: 1 800 GET THIN does not perform any medical procedures, provide any medical advice, nor does it provide any medical consultation. All references to any medical procedure or product and any specific experiences to these procedures or products reflect the opinions and experience of the individual only through an independent medical provider, and not of 1 800 GET THIN. Individual results may vary. Typically, a patient will lose 1 - 2 pounds per week with the LAP-BAND(R) over the first year, losing 50% of excess weight and maintaining that weight loss after 3 years.


"I really feel very happy that I decided to get the Lap Band. This company is really professional and they treat you really good. I mean really good everybody starting from receptionist to physicians. I felt really comfortable the day of my surgery and like I thought everthing came great!"

Patient: Erika B. 2011-9-24




"I'm half way through process. Just had gallbladder surgery. Every one has been very informative, professional and very kind with every action. Looking forward for the Lap Band. Let my New Life Begin."

Patient: Robin J. 2011-9-23




"Have been able to lose 30 pounds in a very short period of time & it has stayed off with almost no effort. Have given me so much extra engry to do thing I have not done in years."

Patient: Kevin N. 2011-8-30

"Have been able to lose 30 pounds in a very short period of time & it has stayed off with almost no effort. Have given me so much extra engry to do thing I have not done in years."

Patient: Kevin N.. 2011-8-30

"I had my Lap-Band done in February 2011 and I have lost 52 lbs. I use to have a lot of pain at the bottom of my feet and had to take Aleve everyday to deal with pain. Since I've lost weight the pain is gone and I don't take pain medicine anymore. I have more energy and get many compliments. I am really glad I had the Lap-Band done."

Patient: Leonor S. 2011-8-30

"I started at 460 lbs and now I am at 225 lbs, and my life is amazing. I feel great, I look great and I feel like I have a bright future."

Patient: Truman B. 2011-8-23

"Awesome experience, made me healthier and happy w/ myself. I would do it over again. Thank you!!"

Patient: Myola A. 2011-7-21

"Exceptional Services - Well educated to his patient and their life change progress."

Patient: Gentle B. 2011-7-21

"My experience w/ the surgery at first I was scare/nervous about it but all the hospital the personnel are really nice really kind and make me feel secure about my surgery so this has been a good experience my fear went away and thanks to my God everything is better since now. I had one of the best doctor in this procedure and I can't be much happier to have this surgery at this location. Thanks. Doctor Madan and God Bless you at all times."

Patient: Ruth L. 2011-7


"My experience has been a positive one. Little things others may take for granted. Like tieing your shoes, going up stairs, or just a simple walk was hard and now a few weeks after surgery I have lost weight and these simple things are becoming much easier on me. The staff and doctors have been exceptional."

Sergo M. 2011-7-19

"The lap band helped me achieve goals that I have not been able to before. The surgery was easy and the staff is friendly."

Heather R. 2011-7-14

"My experience with the staff and drs. has been phenominal. The staff is very friendly, very professional and patient. The drs. that I have had were great. They all listen to my question & concerns, never felt that I was being rushed. That was very important to me. Made me feel at ease. Sandra has been very helpful with questions or concerns that I or my husband has had. I am very happy with my out come. I want to thank the staff and all my dr. for starting my new life."

Cynthia O. 2011-7-13

"My experience with the B.H. locations were 100% satisifactory. Dr. Madan is awesome. i would refer this location to anyone..."

Diana R. 2011-7-12

"I'm feeling much better than ever. I look [like a] different person from before and after."

Luis S. 2011-6-28

"My experience was very good. Dr. Madan was fantastic[,] very patient and always answered all my questions[,] and his staff [was] great[,] especially Sandra. She was very sweet throughout my weightloss journey."

Sylva M. 2011-6-28

"I am very satisfied after having the LAP-BAND® . I have struggled with my weight my whole life, and always allowed it to control my life. Since having the LAP-BAND® I have lost a large amount of weight. I have so much more energy and self confidence. My recovery time was very short, and I was back working in 2 days. All in all I am very happy. I decided to have this procedure done. It is truly life changing."

Dakota R. 2011-6-25

"I had a great experience. I was very scared and nervous but the entire staff was very re-assuring [which] made me feel comfortable. My doctor (Dr. Madan) is a wonderful doctor[;] I am very pleased and happy with him. My overall experience has been above excellent."

Diana M. 2011-6-25

"Dr. Madan has given great personalized care. His staff [was] completely helpful through this whole procedure. After my gall bladder surgery, Dr. Madan was very helpful and attentive. He responds quickly and makes it all seem okay. His staff show great care and concern during the whole process. I have had a great experience so far on this new journey."

Emily T. 2011-6-25

"Dr. Madan was very thorough when he took me on as a patient. He is very professional and answered all of my question. The experience has been very good. I would recommend his sevices."

Ron W. 2011-6-25

"I think Dr. Madan is terrific and so has been the staff at all the facilities. The LAP-BAND® has changed my life in many ways. Health wise, & the way I look at myself. Dr. Madan has been there from the start & has guided me the whole way. He's been there when I tested him when I wasn't feeling good. If I had to do this procedure again I would do it in a second's. I love Dr. Madan & the staff."

Marsha W. 2011-6-25

"Very happy! I have been loosing weight I feel great. Dr. Madan and the staff are always pleasant and ready to help. My surgery went well and healed quickly. The adjustments are also going well and painless."

Maria R. 2011-6-23

"It's been very good and it help[ed] me [a] lot [be]cause other diet[s] never help[ed] me like this one. I am very happy with myself and the doctor."

Nora C. 2011-6-23

"Everyone (staff) is very nice and extremely helpful in answering questions."

Ashley 2009-11-23

"Attending nurse before-during-and-after surgery was excellent!"

Shery 2009-11-20

I never thought that getting the procedure done would be so easy. The staff is awesome, they are always very helpful, they make you feel at home and they genuinely care. Dr. T and the rest of the surgical staff are great. The procedure was done perfectly w/no complications; pain was moderate to non-existent and no swelling.

So far I’ve lost 21 pounds and I haven’t ever started w/ the adjustments.  It’s very exciting.

Great work.

Ramon O. 2011-3-22

I had Lap Band surgery just recently on January 26, 2011 and have already lost 30 lbs. I feel so much more healthier and have lots of energy. I have health problems including severe asthma and high blood pressure which are improving with my weight loss and healthier diet. I have a lot more to lose and will continue to work at it. To achieve my weight goal with my diet and exercise plan, the Lap Band is changing my life and ensuring I am here for my four children and my husband. Thank you!

Jennifer D. 2011-3-12

I am here for my 2nd adjustment. So far everything has gone great. Dr. T & his staff have been so helpful with all the questions I have had. I would do it again in a heartbeat! I can’t wait to start seeing the results.

Tamara R. 2011-3-12

Had my procedure done Oct. 7, 2010, and started at 340 lbs. I am currently 285 lbs and feel great. My blood pressure was terrible and now it is normal. My cholesterol was high and is now normal. I had had to buy new clothes due to the weight loss and I still have more to go. My goal is under 250 lbs so I am not too far off.

Andrew H. 2011-2-26


For the little weight, I have lost all ready I can tell that I all ready fell great. Starting in the part that I work I fee more energetic I don’t feel that huge and even flexible.

Elva D. 2011-2-26

Everything has been really good from day one. Everybody has been extremely cordial. I thank god and everybody @ this office because my life is changing every day.

The surgery and the treatment has been very good, I do appreciate every body’s effort and I will recommend this surgery to anybody that is in need of loosing weight.

Miguel L. 2011-2-26

So far, my experience has been a pleasant one. I’m still trying to get used to the portion control for eating and drinking. I’ve lost some weight and can feel the difference already. I have a little more energy to do more physical activities, but still have a hard time doing certain activities with my children. The staff at all facilities have been very friendly, helpful, and supportive throughout my experience so far. I look forward to continuing my weight loss and would like more information about cosmetic surgery after I reach my ideal weight.

Thank you!

Julie R. 2011-2-24

I decided to let my new life begin, jut like all the people I see in the commercial, radio, and billboards. On my very first day I was convinced this is for me. Everyone is so nice and so eager to help. They are there for you in the mornings or evenings or any time you have a question, or just want to talk about your progress. Right away I started noticing results, I just followed the advice and the weight started coming off. All my family and friends tell me that I’m looking great. That also has help me keep going. I can’t wait till I’m at my goal weight…

Michelle C. 2011-2-22

** Consult your physician to discuss risks and other options to Lap-Band®. See Studies show about 50% excess weight loss at 3 years. Testimonial patient and actual patient result vary.

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